Hurts from work back? There is a way to avoid this!

Almost every second person notices that his back is hurting from sedentary work, and also because he spends too much time at the computer.

Therefore, in order to get rid of such an unpleasant sensation, it is necessary to follow simple rules that can return your back immediately normal feeling and proper functioning.

Thus, as soon as a person who begins to talk about the fact that he is troubled by the back because he constantly sits, will at least do something to anesthetize his feelings, then the result will quickly prove itself. It is necessary to pay tribute to those who constantly monitor their health and try to give him a lot of attention, in order to arrive in time to help your body, if necessary. So in the case of a patient with a back, you can try using some exercises or simply effective methods to eliminate this pain.

Methods of eliminating back pain

1) Regular breaks. It is very useful to arrange for your body a break in work, about every hour. You just need to get up from your workstation, walk around the office or down a few stories down the stairs, and then come back. Warm-up and light gymnastics, only improve the flow of blood to the waist and the entire spine, thereby relaxing the muscles and allowing you to switch to another mode of activity. All this helps to relieve spasm from the muscles and facilitate sitting work.
2) More activity every day. After a hard day’s work, it’s just necessary to give forty-sixty minutes every day for walking on fresh air. This will significantly affect the condition of your back, and can also affect the work of the entire muscular corset. It is also very useful to do sports to change the activity and increase muscle activity. But for those who are forced to sit at the computer all day, it is important to approach the flat wall several times a day and push their hands upwards with a very tight back to it. Thus, the back will feel the right position and will intuitively memorize it and try to always be in this state.
3) The correct location of the computer. If we say that the workplace needs to be correctly and correctly equiped, then we must demand from the leadership that your computer be installed correctly and correctly in terms of the position of the human body when working with this device. Thus, to at least slightly relieve your spine muscles, you must always independently control the position of the back.
4) Pillow under the waist and footrest. It is worth paying special attention to the fact that in the absence of the right chair or chair, the back will become very quickly tired to always be in an upright position, which reduces the performance of a person within a few hours of starting work. But if you put a soft pillow under the waist, which can support the natural deflection of the back, then most likely, it will significantly reduce the threshold of fatigue and pain. And under the feet you can find an inclined stand that will help to support the trunk in an upright position.

Another rule for those who want to be healthy

If you had to work where you spend the whole day in a sitting position at the computer and can not change anything for a comfortable feeling during work, then it’s worthwhile to try to make sure that at home you have the right mattress. It is during a night’s sleep that the human body should completely relax and not experience pain syndromes.

After all, in order to have a good state of health, you need to try to do everything possible so that the dream becomes comfortable and healthy.

In addition to the mattress, it is also very important to choose the right pillow, which will get rid of bad dreams and the fact that a person will experience unpleasant sensations during sleep. We need to take care of our health constantly and not only at home, but also at work, because it is there that we spend most of the daylight hours, and therefore significantly affect our overall health.

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