IBM will Inhaler for Asthma

The most common problem people with asthma, is the unpredictability of seizures. To deal with this phenomenon trying to IBM, which presented an inhaler equipped with the software – a special application that will help predict the onset of an attack on the basis of the processed statistics.

In the development of “smart” inhaler participated Corporation Teva Pharmaceutical, whose representatives were concerned about the increasing incidence of sudden asthma attacks in patients with this disease.

According to the researchers, the key to successful control of asthma is its timely and quality treatment to which most people just are not ready – to determine the required inhalation time is quite difficult. To do this, and created the “intelligent” inhalers with software – based on the information gathered about the patient’s condition and the weather forecast, which is one of the main factors for the provocative attacks, the patient will receive a hint about the desired inhalation time.

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