ICO and everything connected with them

Every business plan, every new enterprise begins precisely with the fact that something has been invented for the person, something has dreamed, or even seemed to appear during the lunch break of the enterprise where he works today.

That is from the very idea.

The idea is an important part of the future plan of a person who can be embodied, and maybe not implemented, but simply so communicated to someone in order to evaluate a person’s reaction, maybe even to become someone who will advise this man with a large wallet, what to do. That is, – this is a person who is not at work, but at the same time has a decent income.

Similarly, the ICO works. If you translate it word for word – this is the initial placement of coins.

In fact ICO is a startup that can have a very big commercial success, or it may turn out to be a simple fraud, which will allow its realizer to collect the amount of money and disappear in the Internet. Nevertheless, today the ICO has great potential, because there are quite a few very remarkable projects that have the right to a successful existence and should flourish.

However, the realities are those ICO, which you see everywhere today, which are always on hearing and in the face, as a rule, more than 80% of them are doomed to failure of the ICO itself, but not to failure of investment collection. But, really suitable projects – are at the bottom, since they do not have those investments to afford to advertise on the Internet and create mass advertising, and also attract a lot of investors.

ICO – earning opportunities

So ICO allows us to create such a plan or commercial project that will attract people – both simple with a small income, and those who have large capital to invest it in a profitable business. When implemented ICO, in fact, it’s just people give their money to a group of programmers who write at this time code. That is, you allow these people to earn, because you give your money.

But, if the project really has commercial success, then most likely at this time, while it is not yet finalized or has a part of the working code, then simply you get a certain part of the asset in the form of a cryptonym – the domestic currency of this company.

If everything comes to a logical conclusion, then these coins can be used for financial transactions within the company.

At the same time, when an ICO is really successful, it often introduces such a part as an IPO. IPO – very similar to ICO, the only global difference is that here you do not get any cryptonyms, but bonds or shares, that is, you become the owner of some part of this company. Naturally, your assets can be sold, can increase in market value, and can also drastically depreciate.

Nevertheless, those projects that really look afar and decide to create a very large competition in the market, for both bitcoin and any other kind of crypto currency, or maybe they will release their goods for mass use, then such ICOs give the opportunity to those, who invested his money in this company, beckon. That is, in addition to that part of the primary coins, they can mine and sell these coins on exchanges in order to increase their capital.

A successful plan is a profitable business

If you decide to try for yourself as an ICO project, then, as they say: “One is not a warrior in the field”. Here, it will be necessary for you to have a whole company of programmers who must create high-quality code and maintain it in efficiency and security.

Nevertheless, if you can attract a lot of investors to your side, show them the direction of your project and its ideas, then it is realistic that you will be able to become a profitable businessman in the future. And to make it more confident that your project is not a dummy, it’s worthwhile to show the real evidence of your project at the very beginning, before the ICO comes out, to register the protocol and publish it so that future investors can read it. Of course, there are a lot of criteria, but the protocol is the foundation of the fundamentals and its absence raises a great doubt for your company.