Image of Woman

091220162What is the “image”? Probably everyone at least once asked himself the question. So let’s deal.

The image – an image that arises in the minds of people. If you stick to one image or style, the others can not perceive as you. Image – is not one for a concept, it is the whole set.

So, what is in the image?

1. Dressing. Everyone prefers to wear certain things. For example, some women wear stretch jeans, and some only dresses or skirts.
2. Hairstyle. Each woman chooses a particular hairstyle. This also includes the length of hair.
3. Manicure. Nails modern woman should always be in perfect condition. Now most often women are increasing them.
4. Manners. Manners Every woman should be at the highest level. You can never utter expletives or swear.
5. Speech. It should be competent. To do this, you need to read a lot of books.
6. Gait and posture. Gait must be flying, and the back – flat. Hunched back looks ugly.

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