Important Secrets of Sleep

For the person now any information is opened. In this regard, it is no secret that sleep is extremely important for human health. Many articles and publications have been written on this subject. But no matter how hard specialists try, a person still sleeps a little time. Especially, it concerns young people. They prefer parties and night life.

Once again I want to say and remind you that this is wrong. You need to get enough sleep every day, not just on weekends.

So, what secrets of sleep exist?

1. Mode. Learn to follow the regime. If the body is accustomed to this, then you will always sleep at the same time. Better and think of it is impossible.
2. Magic numbers. You have to go to sleep around 22.00. As for the duration of sleep, it should be at least 6 hours a day.
3. Ventilation. Before going to bed, the room needs to be ventilated. The air in the bedroom should be a bit cool and fresh.

Dear readers, night is time for sleep. This must be accepted and understood. In the afternoon, do whatever you want, and spend the night just one lesson – sleep!

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