Improve of Memory

Each of us is faced with a situation where a phone number or birth date to remember is very problematic. This suggests that the need to train the memory. Otherwise, old age can cause serious problems. How to prevent this?

So how can you train your memory?

1. Vitamins. First you need to develop a diet and start taking vitamins. For this purpose can be purchased in a drugstore complex vitamins and minerals for normal brain function. In the diet include broccoli, nuts, blueberries, beets.
2. The pronunciation of. If you want to remember important information, it is best to say it.
3. Associative Thinking. You should always carry out the association. With the help of this method it is always easier to remember information.
4. Training. Begin teaching poetry or learn a foreign language. This is a great tool for brain began to work better.
5. Sleep. It is important to get enough sleep. If you do not, then the person will be distracted and inattentive. Bangs, who did not get enough sleep, bad perceives information.

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