Improvement of Simple Ways

Now more and more people are turning to the eye doctor with complaints of blurred vision. Unfortunately, this is not surprising. People just do not give rest your eyes. Ongoing work on the computer, watching TV, smartphone – all this is a very heavy load on the human visual system. The vision of all this suffering greatly. So how can you protect your eyes from the heavy load of modern technology?

1. Rest. Your eyes need a rest. If your work involves a computer, then try to make a break more often. He may be small, but it has to be done every 20-30 minutes. Look out the window – it will already give rest your eyes.
2. Nutrition. It is important to eat foods that contain vitamin A (carrots, pumpkin). Do not forget about the berries such as blueberries. Eat more bright fruit and vegetables.
3. Gymnastics. There is no need to be lazy. Before going to bed to do gymnastics. Many exercises can be found on the Internet or ask an ophthalmologist. For example, close your eyes and drive eyeballs around.

To keep your vision, it must be protected!

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