In a healthy body healthy mind!

Nowadays, only the most stupid person can argue that sports activities of active people, that is, those who prefer only an active way of life, are considered stupid and completely vain.

There is already a lot of evidence that it is sports that contribute to a better mood of a person.

In addition, due to the constant stresses, the cardiovascular system is subjected to constant stresses, in a good sense of the word, from which the heart of a person becomes only stronger. Also positive sports activity of people helps to prevent premature aging of the musculoskeletal system, as in the course of life, many people can use poor-quality and non-useful food, which leads to a gradual deposition of salts in the joints.

As a consequence, many people suffer severe pain in the knees, lower back, cervical region and in many other places of the body. But it is the active way of life that helps to “utilize” all these salt deposits, which leads to the person’s excellent mobility and greater joy from life.

However, in fairness, it’s worth noting that not all sports are as useful as people think or believe. For example, weightlifting or now it is possible to call it Powerlifting, where the athlete trains more often for maximum result, brings very big injuries. If you are doing a little weight, then it will only be the right load without fatigue. Therefore, when you set a goal to be as healthy as possible, and also do not plan to participate in professional competitions, then one of the best sports can recommend fitness.

The most common type of sports activities

If to be verbatim, that is, to see what Fitness means, then the origin of the word came from the English language, in particular from the verb “to fit”, which means being in good shape or fit. Today there is no definite fitness. Also it is impossible to characterize several exercises. Today, almost any load that is performed by most athletes: warm-up, light jogging, cycling, as well as exercises from athletic gymnastics or the same Powerlifting, can also be attributed to fitness.

The main goal of fitness these days is to get a magnificent body that is devoid of any fat or cellulite deposits.

In addition, that fitness greatly stimulates the work of the heart, improves the blood vessels, allows the brain to water a large concentration, and also the fitness works well for the hormonal processes in the body. Thor is, a person has a strong immunity, improved metabolism, and also, in a significant way, gets rid of the hormone cortisol. Thus, the stress-resistance of the organism, the emotional system, is much less subject to external factors. It is for this reason that athletes who have an attractive body, without fat, are always in an optimistic mood and their morals are much stronger than those who do not like to be active.

Age and Fitness

It’s never too late to get involved in fitness. Even if you have 50 or 60 years, and maybe even 75, then this kind of sports activity has no boundaries. When a person has too much body fat, it is best to start with the easiest – walking. Each time the pace should increase, and long walks on time or by distance increase. Only, after reaching an active pace of walking for at least 40 minutes at a speed of 5 km / h, you can begin to engage in easy running.

After each walk or run, finish the training process by stretching, bending and squatting.

Over time, develop their own set of exercises, which can be called fitness. If you constantly live actively, that is, train at least 3-4 times a week, then within one year you will begin to notice for yourself how much your body has changed for the better and how much better you look, both emotionally, so and in the physical. So your spirit and your body on the right path of life.

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