In a Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

Everyone wants to be healthy. However, in this case one desires small. It is necessary to apply to this case at least a little effort.

So how can you make your body stronger?

1. Power. It is important to eat healthy products. This means eat more vegetables, fruits, boiled meat and fish. From fried and smoked foods should be discarded.
2. Sports. Do not ignore the sports training. If a person wants to be strong, then it is necessary to engage in sports.
3. Active outdoor play. Often spend time outdoors. Play football, volleyball. In other words, move more.
4. Skiing in winter. In winter you need to ski. This is a great way to strengthen the back muscles and become a healthier person.
5. Walk before bedtime. Do not forget that walk before bedtime promote good sleep. As you know, a good sleep and well-being – are synonymous.
6. A glass of yogurt before going to bed. For 30 minutes before bedtime should drink a glass of yogurt. This product is ideally improves intestinal microflora.

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