In Poland, the birth rate fell

The results of the latest sociological survey, as to which birth rate in Poland, showed unexpected facts for the whole country.

It turns out that in the first six months of this year, there were 4,000 fewer children born in Poland than in the same period last year.

And the mortality rate during this period has significantly increased and has cut off the birth rate, increasing the negative value of natural population growth.

With the help of such an instrument of influence on people, as an increase in the amount of payments for each newborn, the Polish government plans to motivate the population and try to make people strive to have children and thereby increase the number of indigenous people on the territory of their country. With the help of various state tools that are ready to work on women and men of childbearing age, Polish officials are trying to change the situation.

Why did this happen?

The experts analyzed the situation in Poland and concluded that most existing families do not want to have a second or third child in order not to interfere too much with their careers. And those who do not yet have children and at the same time see a perspective in the development of their careers, are not too eager for a marriage union and, even more so, for obtaining the status of parents.

This problem exists in all highly developed countries, where people no longer value the family as the main institution of values, but direct all their energy to improve their material condition as quickly as possible and thereby become a more successful person.

The birth rate in Poland depends on the desire of the Polish population to increase their families to one or more people, and if the state does not encourage this desire and do everything to help provide such a family with benefits and various additional services, it is likely that after a while it will become absolutely clear that the Polish people begin to die out. In the meantime, the situation is not so critical, it is worthwhile to pay attention to it in time and try to do everything possible to ensure that natural growth is always positive.

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