In What Products More Vitamin C

161116616In order to withstand colds, you need to prepare your body, making the supply of vitamin C.

As we all know, basically it is the lemon and other citrus fruit that is recommended to use to replenish it.

However, due to the fact that the prices of these fruits are quite high and not everyone can afford to buy them every day in nature, there are a number of products that will help strengthen our body.

These include cabbage, which is well kept throughout the winter, but most of the vitamin C in the sauerkraut.

There is nothing easier than to chop forks and add a small amount of salt, then lightly mash and leave on under the yoke in a warm room for three days, with each day pierce her to come out gases. Then a week later you can begin to use it, because from that moment it has more vitamins.

Also, do not forget about products such as radish, cranberry, from which you can prepare a juice and jelly.

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