Incorrect Methods of Contraception

At present, the woman is a huge choice of contraception. But women are early attempt to actively resist and come up with their own methods.

So, what the wrong methods of contraception used by women? That will never need to be repeated on the experience? Sometimes it comes to the absurd.

1. Two of the condom. If you wear two condoms at once, the opposite effect can occur. Products will start to rub against each other and eventually tear.
2. Chlorine. Many people believe that if you engage in any bathroom, chlorine can reduce the activity of sperm.
3. Jumping. After intercourse, you need a little jump. Here without comment.
4. Coitus interruptus. This method is used by many, but it is not reliable. The liquid that contains the sperm can flow before ejaculation itself occurs.
5. The first time. Even during the first sexual intercourse can conceive.

Lovely woman, take care of yourself and your health. Choose reliable methods of contraception, to protect themselves from abortion.

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