Increased Self-Esteem

Many people faced with such a problem as low self-esteem. The reasons for the problem can be mass – a complex that formed in childhood, overweight and more.

But, as if there was not, everyone should love and respect yourself. So how can you raise yourself self-esteem?

1. Accept yourself. Everyone should accept yourself the way nature intended it.
2. Comparison. You do not need to compare yourself with other people. You – the person, you should always keep this in mind.
3. Appearance. Watch for their appearance. Learn to accept compliments.
4. Posture. You should always keep your back straight. Beautiful and proud posture – this is what you need for full self-confidence.
5. Voice. Watch your tone. It should sound gently, without any strain.
6. The word “no”. Learn to say “no” if you do not want to do something. Keep your mind and stop to adjust to the other.
7. Love yourself. Learn to love yourself. If you do this, then others will treat you accordingly.

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