Influence of gadgets on human sight

Since the release of the first tube monitor, many years have passed. Now those huge monitors are sent to museums for history. And besides, compared to modern ones, it’s huge, they take up a lot of space on the table, heavy ones, they can not be attached to the wall and, most importantly, they harmed the eyesight severely. The screen flicker frequency was not more than 60 hertz. That is, it was very noticeable for the human eye. Our vision already, practically does not see the flickering of those screens, if their frequency was 85 Hertz.

But today they were replaced by light thin and safe monitors that do not irradiate the eyes and do not flicker. But is it true that they and all such smartphones and tablets are so bezlopastnye?

In fact, yes. The fact is that they damage the vision not from reproof. And from the fact that the number of blinking eyes is noticeably reduced. The eye turns red, and then the conjunctivitis and vision impairment. It is especially dangerous to become a smartphone when the image is brightly displayed or to become comfortable reading in complete darkness. The eye at this time is very strained and becomes dry.

Thus, at first glance, harmless devices become harmful from our long stay after them.

The diet of men and women may differ

A healthy diet is necessary for both men and women. True, in view of some physiological features of the difference in sex, the total amount of food for them may differ. So the average caloric value shows that the daily caloric value for men and women has different figures. Nutritionists note that a man needs about 2500 calories a day, then for women this figure is at around 2000. Of course, there are not taken into account the different factors in the collection of muscle mass or, conversely, weight loss. Also, everything can change with different diseases, injuries and other causes.

It is important to note that the daily calorie content of men is greater than that of women, because the former have an average 30-40% more muscle mass than women. Female sex, on the contrary, has more subcutaneous fat, which is heavily in the chest. Therefore, it is important for men to consume enough protein for their entire body weight. And women, although their percentage of fat is more, do not get involved in fatty foods. It is necessary to eat a sufficient amount of oily fish or nuts.

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