Interesting Facts about Food

Everyone knows that you can not live without food. But today more and more people talking about the fact that there is a healthy food. Over this question understood by many scholars. Here is the conclusion to which they came.

So, we sort out the basic myths about food.

1. The color of the egg shell. Brown egg shell makes them more useful than white.
2. Water. There was a view that the need to drink about 3 liters of fluid a day. But this is not the case. Suffice it to 2 liters.
3. Margarine and butter. There is an opinion that the margarine has no damaging effect on the heart, unlike oil. This is not true. The two products contain cholesterol, and this leads to clogging of the vessels.
4. Chocolate. It is said that dark chocolate is healthier for the body than white. But this is not the case. Both types of chocolate contain in their composition a lot of sugar, which can no longer be useful.
5. Pepper. Many people believe that red pepper contains more vitamins than in the yellow or green. But this is not true. All varieties and colors of peppers contain the same amount of vitamin C.

Eat rationally, and not get sick!

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