Interesting Facts about Sleep

111120162Everyone should sleep regularly. This is in order to feel refreshed, rested. If a person is not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, he becomes angry and irritable. All is very simple.

But there are many interesting facts about dreams, about which people do not even realize.

1. The quality of sleep. Man sleeping better, eating it may seem. 8 hours of sleep the day – this is normal. More – it is already too much.
2. Age. As is known to age a person needs less time to sleep. For example, think of how much sleep a child in childhood and elderly people. The difference is colossal.
3. Children and adults. The dream of the child and the adult is different. The most important difference is that the child may wake up several times per night. In this regard, the child needs to sleep more during the day.
4. Fauna. Orcas that have just emerged into the light, can not sleep for 30 days. People do not need to repeat this, although this is not real.
5. Mode. Each person has to work out for yourself mode. This means going to bed and waking up at the same time. It is important not to eat a heavy meal before bedtime.

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