Interesting Facts about the Benefits of Milk

171120164Everyone knows from an early age about the benefits of milk. This is due tems that this product is simply unique composition. Not in vain, with the birth of a child is fed with milk.

However, there is a lot of information about milk, which people do not even know.

1. Moisturize. Many have heard that Cleopatra took baths with the addition of milk. Do you know why this should be done? This is due to the fact that this product moisturizes the skin perfectly. It should be noted one drawback – not very pleasant smell of the skin after a bath.
2. Eye Gel. There is no better means to relieve swelling with age than milk. Once again focus attention on the replacement of cucumbers – it is milk.
3. Premenstrual Syndrome. Women who consume enough milk, less likely to suffer from premenstrual syndrome (irritability, bad mood, headache, breast pain).
4. Fertility. Regular consumption of milk improves fertility in women. Scientists from the US have shown that daily consumption of milk in women, reducing all kinds of problems with ovulation twice.

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