Irresistible Woman

Every woman is to marry. But as we know, the world is less than men. In this regard, all women, men may not be enough.

How to make a handsome prince chose you?

1. Kindness. Be kind to all living things. A good woman is always seen from afar.
2. Responsiveness. Try to be responsive. Learn how to help people who need help.
3. Smile. Before a beautiful smiling woman man simply unarmed. No man can resist.
4. Appearance. Dress should be tasteful, but not vulgar.
5. Makeup. Kras need the most natural. No bright make-up and the arrow on the eyes.
6. Hair. If you do not have gray hair, the hair dye is not necessarily. As for the hair, there is nothing more elegant than long hair down to his shoulders.
7. Eyebrows. Discard the tattoo. The color and shape should be natural.

Lovely woman, try to understand that the lady with painted eyebrows and silicone breasts, no longer popular. Now in vogue – the naturalness. Try to follow it as much as possible.

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