Is it so useful smoothies?

Recently, it has become more and more fashionable to live a healthy lifestyle.

And to divide this concept is not necessary for men and women. Health, it is given to us one And if a person does not take care of him, then after a short period of time, usually by 20-30 years, he will work for a “hospital”, as they say in many countries, that is, this person will be constantly forced to use different medications to live . To date, young people, who are under the age of 30, have become active participants in social networks.

To do this, a lot of things contribute. The main popularity of social networks began to receive it with the arrival of smartphones, which have very convenient attached to use them.

So, on social networks people can correspond with each other, share different media files, however, you yourself all know. But social networks also have a lot of useful content, for example, young girls often post their semi-nude photos to show how she is slim and beautiful and get a large number of likes for it. Naturally, this example is followed by a lot of other girls, which leads to a more athletic and beautiful youth. That’s only among the young women of the sex there is some slight error.

In particular, in order to have a slender body, it is not enough just to play sports. Sport is only 30% of what a woman or a man should do. But, most importantly, it is a healthy diet. It allows us to be active people, be sporty or fat, and also have a beautiful young skin or look like old people. Therefore, it is important to eat properly and qualitatively, so that the body receives a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis and only on this condition the sport will benefit. And for not to stretch the intake of vitamins for the whole day, it’s fashionable to drink smoothies today.

Pleasant drink

Previously, smoothies called simply juice with pulp. It was obtained with the help of a very thin grid in the meat grinder. Many people used a high-speed blender to grind berries and fruits into a single blend. Also used juicers with a coarse filter, which passed the pressed mixture into the juice. Today, smoothies can be bought in stores. That’s only the expiration date of their very long, that is, they say that they already have certain chemicals that extend this period. Smoothies can be obtained at home.

And this does not require special devices. It’s enough to buy or collect fresh berries or fruits, or all together, cut into small pieces of fruit, place in a special bowl, add berries there, close the lid tightly and crush to a single, rare mass.

For this, the same blender, only very high-speed one, will work perfectly. If you mix blueberries, blackberries, and add apple slices, you can get a very tonic drink with a lot of vitamins, which is enough to consume 200-300 grams per day to get a full portion of the vitamin complex. That is, smoothies – a mixture of any fruit in one single cocktail, giving for a person a lot of useful vitamins, as well as saturates it with fructose and glucose.

Caution morning use of smoothies

Smoothies, practically has no negative effect, only with a small caveat. If a person suffers from a diabetes mellitus, you need to consult a doctor for further use. Also, do not use this drink on an empty stomach after sleeping. The fact is that some fruits can contain acid, which adversely affects digestion, if the stomach is empty.

The ideal time for taking smoothies is the interval between breakfast and lunch. Also, do not use them in the evening, as the presence of fructose can cause excess excess body weight. There are no other restrictions. Therefore having at home a good blender, and also you can afford to buy many different fruits, then constantly mixing them, without adding water and sugar, you can have every day a full set of all vitamins for the normal functioning of the body.