Is there a decent smartphone for a small cost

In the modern world it is difficult to imagine a person who would not use the means of communication. Moreover, in our modern times the phone has long ceased to be used simply as a telephone. He outgrew his meaning and now has a more parily name for him – a smartphone. A smartphone, literally translated from English, means “Smart Phone”. You can generally say that the very concept of the phone is not at all for him, since the new smart phones are very much like a computer. They also have a processor, RAM, and read-only memory. Due to this, the smartphone performs numerous roles for the person. People have already stopped using computers as intensively as they began to replace their capabilities with smartphones. And in general, smartphones began to displace a lot of different kinds of devices. So, now there is no need to purchase car navigators, because for this it is more simple to use smartphones for which the maps are constantly updated, and there is an opportunity to view the conditions of traffic congestion, as well as constantly changing situations on the roads, such as temporary signs, repairs road surface, road accidents and much more. All this can alert the smartphone of its owner, as well as instantly adjust the road and further route. However, among a wide variety of smartphones there is a large number of such means. If an illiterate person tries to understand its technical characteristics, it will require a lot of knowledge in the field of modern technologies. And only for this reason, most people choose for themselves these devices only by what they have appearance.

Brand is not so important anymore

At the moment, it is accepted that the most top-ranked companies that dominate the world are smartphones from Samsung and Apple. True, the American brand is gradually losing its position, because of the wrong course taken by the company. That is, Apple focused more on marketing, while other manufacturers began to pay attention to the quality of devices. But both Samsung and Apple do not always become available to most buyers. Although the model range of the South Korean company offers a very large selection, but in the lower segment, their quality and characteristics should not be worth the cost that is available today. Luckily, China does not stand still, which also began offering excellent design smartphones with excellent stuffing characteristics, and also that one of the important, at an affordable cost.

A quality smartphone and a small cost

Chinese brands have been developing very strongly over the past few years. Yes, in the beginning their smartphones were not so attractive and could not boast of their stability. But today, one of the Xiaomi companies, especially with the new Xiaomi Mi A2, which will be presented in official stores on August 13 this year, is particularly striking in its performance and performance. While the cost of this smartphone remains within 250 euros. Just imagine, a 6 inch screen with FullHD resolution, has an 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, which has significantly lower power consumption and will be equipped with 4 or 6 GB of RAM, which will be enough for most everyday tasks and almost all modern games . Moreover, if you compare such a smartphone with an IPhone for $ 1000 or a new Samsung, then this novelty from the Chinese brand will not be inferior as manufactured materials. The entire body of this smartphone consists of aluminum, and the front side of the screen – from high-quality glass. At the same time, considering the cost of the novelty, which is 4 times cheaper than its competitors, you can count on its great success and popularity as a mass smartphone. The first countries where the novelty will be sold are Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic. After them within a week will appear in other countries. Thus, the new high-quality smartphones from the Chinese brand are really worthy devices that can and should be purchased.

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