It is Useful to Drink Milk

18111616After the appearance of man on earth, the first product that he uses, is milk.

The fact that it is necessary for all of the normal growth. However, with age, we often abandon this product, because there is a perception that it is poorly digested stomach.

Scientists have long been able to prove that the milk can be consumed at any age, except for those people who have been lactose intolerant. The only thing to remember is that milk, which is sold in stores, in most cases, its not keep in its composition of nutrients. This is because the manufacturer to increase its shelf life is not only used preservatives and antibiotics.

Therefore it is better to buy natural milk, but do not drink it in raw form, and heated to a temperature at least 80 degrees to kill disease-causing germs.
It is especially helpful at bedtime, as a sedative effect not only on the nervous system, but also has a positive effect on the work of the stomach.

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