Itching in Intimate Places

Itching in the genital area – fairly common pathology among women of childbearing age. I want to say that do not need to take your own. It is best when the first symptoms, contact your gynecologist.

Let us see what the symptoms of itching can exist.

1. Infections. Many genital infections can cause itching. To do this, you need to be tested to identify the causative agent of the disease there or not.
2. Menopause. During menopause, women are often faced with an itch in an intimate area. The reason for this – a decrease in estrogen production.
3. Dysbacteriosis. Violation of the microflora of the vagina can cause this problem.
4. Allergies. More carefully choose intimate soap. Sometimes, allergies can occur in the detergent.
5. Underwear. If you wear underwear made of synthetic fabrics, the itching may occur. Choose natural fabrics to present breathability.
6. Health. In the genital area need to adhere to strict rules of hygiene. Regularly take a shower, change pads more often.

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