Joseph Arpayo again Accused of Violating a Court Order

Joe Arpayo, Arizona head accused of ignoring court rulings. The case concerns unfounded check-Latino drivers. According to the sheriff, that their appearance was the reason for the detention and investigation. It turns out that people with dark skin often invoke suspicion of the patrol. This is clearly contrary to the United States Constitution. If the prosecution is able to prove in court, Joseph faces a prison term of up to six months.

Recently, Arpayo was filed several lawsuits on illegally detained. This means that he clearly ignored the decision of the judge Murray Snow, came into force in 2011, which was not allowed to seek and expose the illegal detention of migrants in possession of the infamous sheriff – Maricopa County. To pay damages to innocent Latinos, the decision was made for the recovery of an additional tax on the state’s residents. With such an accusation sheriff it will be very difficult to qualify for a seventh term of elections, despite the fact that it has elected 6 times in a row.

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