Justin Timberlake to Pay the Penalty for Selfie

Memphis, Tennessee is now undergoing early voting, which took part in the famous singer Justin Timberlake. He has overcome a huge way and arrived in Tennessee from Los Angeles. To agitate the people to go to vote, he did selfie right inside the cab intended to vote. Thus demonstrating that there is no excuse for people who avoid voting. Also, the actor urged people to vote in their towns on early voting or 8 November, to be heard. Photograph singer posted on a social network. It would seem that he did it with the best intentions, but he faces a prison sentence or a fine, as Justin had broken the law.

The fact that the law came into force Tennessee, putting a ban on the use of mobile communication devices, and recording devices, and devices that produce photo and video inside the cabin, where people cast their votes for candidates in January this year. Kara such an act thirty days in prison or a fine of fifty dollars.

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