Knitted style – New from the 70’s

Things in the style of kroshe – an actual phenomenon for several seasons. Now the appearance of literally in every public place can be appropriate, if you visit it in lace apparels.

This style is very feminine, has a special aura of romance and tenderness. But today in lace products you can not only create an image of lightness and freshness, but also get the look of an elegantly clothed person. Fashionable collections of designer clothes tell us that even this image can be very versatile. But some rules and features are present here.

The line between permissible and unacceptable is very thin, so you need to understand what you mean and carefully approach the acquisition of knitted things to create a harmonious image. If you follow the hints of professionals, you can get an impressive look both on the beach, so in any other place. In things the baby can be stylish without additional accessories, because lace in itself creates the impression of elegance and refinement. Therefore, wishing to focus the attention of others on attractive elements of clothing, make sure that the image is not overloaded. Minimalism in detail – this is something that can in a favorable light to emphasize your figures and special features of appearance in lacy clothing.

Beach season

Swimsuits handmade, created by craftsmen knitting or no less attractive knitted elements of beach fashion – these are the elements that must be present in the wardrobe of each girl. If you follow the fashionable aspects and want to be stylish even with a minimal amount of clothes – on the beach, then a swimsuit is more necessary. Swimsuits and bathing dresses perfectly emphasize the caramel tan and perfectly blend in with the sea view. And if you complement the image of a hat with wide margins, then you can safely send your photos to a glossy magazine – so gorgeous will be your appearance. Despite the impression of novelty, the swimsuits were created in the seventies of the last century. This is what the magazines of that time and some Hollywood movies tell us. A few decades later, the trend of fashion renewed the tradition of basking on the beach in knitwear and for more than one season one can observe women of all ages wearing such clothes on beaches. Going to the resort, one lacy swimsuit will not be enough.

You must buy for your collection of summer things a knitted dress, sarafan or top. They have a lot of advantages.

Firstly, most often such clothes are created from natural threads, and this is exactly what the body needs in a hot period for the opportunity to breathe. In addition, in natural tissues, debilitating heat is much easier to tolerate. It is also important that the clothing does not crumble and does not require ironing, which is very convenient for those who are on vacation and prefer not to overshadow their vacation with household procedures. In order to be irresistible in the style of krosh on the beach, stylists advise choosing clothes in sand or pastel colors. At what, it concerns all women, irrespective of, what shade their skin. However, if you prefer clothes of large openwork, be sure that under the scorching sun rays on your skin there are no white spots that will become the property of strangers, once you change into clothes of another form.

Knitted wardrobe in the city

Beach fashion for clothes in the style of a crochet is far from the limit. Some knits are very appropriate in the city and may even be acceptable as clothing for the office.

– Dress. A medium-length dress or midi in a crochet style will perfectly suit both everyday wear and everyday work. In such clothes you can provide yourself a halo of impeccable taste. The only thing to consider is that the dress is not too lacy. The absence of holes on the canvas is an important criterion to which attention must be paid. Combining a light knit dress with a high heel, your image will be elegant and refined, so in this form you can appear both at the celebration and at work.
– Summer cardigan. The thing is indispensable, which will help to emphasize femininity and warm in a cool evening. A cloak from a large lace will harmoniously fit under a skirt, dress or trousers.
– Overalls with knitted trim – a detail in the wardrobe for feminine natures who prefer to emphasize their natural charm always and everywhere.

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