Lack of Sleep

Everyone is well aware of how important sleep to human health. However, very often it happens that a person goes to bed, but sleep would not come. You can toss and turn all night and not sleep. This is quite a serious problem, in which you need to understand.

So, why a person is difficult to get to sleep?

1. Stress. If a person comes under stress, then it is difficult to fall asleep. This is due to the fact that the bad thoughts just do not give rest. We must try to relax.
2. Alcohol. The intoxicated sleep is also problematic. The more sleep during intoxication very superficial.
3. Hormonal changes. Hormones – it’s all for the human body. They run multiple processes.

How to help yourself?

1. Walk. Fresh air will always contribute to a more rapid fall asleep.
2. Milk. Drink before bedtime glass of warm milk. You can add a spoonful of honey.
3. Bathroom. Before going to bed should try to relax, but it can be done simply. Light the candles and type the full bath of water. Such an atmosphere will help to get away from all the problems.

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