Lack of Vitamins

In early spring, many people are faced with such a problem as a lack of vitamins in the body. In this connection, there is fatigue, bad mood.

It should be noted that this problem can be avoided. To do this you need to do is not so much.

1. Fresh air. Spend more time on the street. No need to look for excuses that do not have time. Time to eat every one of us. It is important to break away from the computer or the TV.
2. Massage. Sign up for a massage parlor. With massage, you can regain your strength.
3. Nutrition. Naladte diet. Breakfast should be tight. Include in your diet more fruit and vegetable salads. Replenish your body with essential vitamins.
4. Movement. Try to move more. With work, you can always go on foot rather than driving a car.
5. Drink. Avoid coffee and alcohol. These drinks have a negative impact on human health.

Everyone is sick, but it is always possible to prevent a particular pathological condition. Good luck! Be well, and this can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle!

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