Lamination of Hair

Currently experiencing a real hair load and stress: blow-drying, poor environment, poor diet. In such conditions it is difficult to have beautiful hair. It is difficult, but possible.

Currently in beauty salons offer the procedure, which is called Hair lamination. Sometimes this procedure can be a real salvation for hair.

So let’s deal.

Lamination of hair – a procedure which is to cover each hairs film. After her hair becomes smooth and silky. About brilliance and say no. The procedure lasts up to three hours. To some this may seem long and tedious, but the result is worth it. Your hair will be luxurious and friends will envy.

The effect of the lamination will hold the hair up to 1.5 months. Then it can be repeated.

No harm will be done to the hair. They will increase significantly in volume. This method of protecting hair from the effects of negative factors is safe, and not harmful to human health.

Enough doubt, sign up for laminating hair!

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