Late Dinner

After a late arrival home, you always want something to eat. Only this time you have to be very careful and attentive. If tightly to eat at night, it is immediately reflected in the figure.

So, what should be a late dinner?

1. Yogurt. Always at night you can drink a cup of yogurt, without fearing for their figure. It is best to use the product without dyes and additives.
2. Meat. A piece of lean meat is also perfect for dinner. However, the piece should be small. Chicken – perfect.
3. Cottage. Cottage cheese low fat percentage is also perfect for a late dinner. But do not add cream or nuts in it.
4. Vegetables. You can always do a small portion of vegetable salad.
5. Fruit. Apples, bananas – can perfectly satisfy your hunger and feel fine until the morning.

What does not need to eat for dinner?

From ice cream, greasy sausages a must refuse. In general, all the fatty foods should be deleted from the diet at this time of day. Otherwise, it threatens the emergence of excess centimeters at the waist.

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