Layer Nails

241120163Each woman takes care of her nails. But it happens that the nails exfoliate and none of the cosmetic procedures does not help. We must remember that if you experience symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to look deeper into the body. The problem lies there.

If the nails exfoliate, then you need to increase the nails. Yes, it’s in some ways to solve the problem. The nails are always neat and have the same length. But we should not forget the real reason the layer of nails. So why do many women exfoliate nails?

1. Power. If a woman eats poorly, the nails begin to stratify. To adjust the power switch in the diet of more meat, fish, dairy products. In general, food should be varied. Do not forget to eat vitamins.
2. Magnesium and calcium. If the body of the lack of trace elements, the nails will be weak. Eat more foods containing magnesium and calcium (cheese, bananas). If you can not eat right, take the required set of vitamins. They can be purchased at the pharmacy.

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