Lenses and Makeup

At present, more and more you can meet people who have vision problems. Frequent watching TV, computer games – all this has a negative impact on visual function. The most optimal vision correction – it points. However, their winter is not very comfortable to wear because they are misted. Due to this, many women prefer to wear lenses. And here there is quite a logical question – how to properly apply makeup using a lens?

If you need to apply makeup on the eyes, you must first put the lens. Only then you can begin to make-up eyes. This technique is related to the fact that the cosmetic does not get into your eyes.

It is equally important to choose the right makeup itself. It should be compatible with lenses.

As for the ink, then it must also choose properly. Necessarily should be marked “hypoallergenic”.

Shadows should be dry structure and does not crumble. Otherwise, you can contaminate the lens.

When you wear contact lenses from eyelash extensions will need to be abandoned.

As for make-up removal, it should be removed after you both will be removed.

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