Let’s Keep the Thin Waist

Many women actively seek to lose weight on the eve of a holiday. At the celebration, you always want to look great and superb. How do you want to dress your dream dress and charm all the men EcoSlim Hrvatska that will be around you. In general, most often women tend to look perfect to attract the attention of the male. However, there is another, no less exciting question – how not to gain weight during the very banquet? More often on holidays prepare many tasty dishes. I want to try all the dishes, do not miss anything. But it can badly affect the waist of a woman. Weight can increase or become even greater than before. One lavish feast can cross out all the long days of the diet. In this regard, I want to give a few valuable tips that are guaranteed to help stay in great shape.

No Weight Gain on Holidays

Very soon there will be a celebration – Maslenitsa. It takes place one week before Lent. Most often at this time fried pancakes, cook vareniki and bake syrniki. It’s not difficult to guess that Titan Gel Hrvatska recenzije these dishes contain a lot of calories. Women who want to preserve the beauty of the figure, must adhere to simple rules. If this is done, the arrow of the balance will not move to the right. In this case, all the dishes can be tasted.

1. Vegetable oil. Fry pancakes are best in a special frying pan with a minimal addition of vegetable oil. Do not forget that olive oil is much more useful than sunflower oil.

2. The right choice of flour. To make pancakes less caloric, you need to choose the right flour. For these purposes, it is best to use buckwheat or oat flour. But wheat does not fit.

3. Sugar. Sugar Titan Gel Bosna recenzije is best added in a minimal amount. It will not be so delicious, but more useful.

4. Filling for pancakes. In the filling for pancakes sugar is also best not to add. Instead, give preference to honey.

5. Greenery. Add greens to the pancakes. There are no calories in it, but the taste of the dish will be completely different. Of course, you can add greens not to sweet, but salty pancakes.

6. Milk or kefir? Most pancakes are cooked on milk, but to reduce their caloric content – use kefir with a minimum percentage of fat.

7. Fish. In order to stuff pancakes, you can use fish. But red caviar should not be used, because it has Goji Cream Bosna rezultati podmlađivanja a lot of calories. It often happens that caviar can be salted. Salt can cause fluid retention in the body (weight gain will be inevitable).

8. Meat. If you want to stuff pancakes with meat, then choose chicken or turkey. Meat should not be bold. Recall meat is best not to fry, and boil.

9. Curd and dried fruits. For the filling is perfect cottage cheese with dried fruits. These products contain not so many calories. But from the use of chocolate and canned fruit is best to give up, because of their caloric value.

10. There is no overeating. Most often, Shrovetide lasts a week. At this time, try not to overeat and keep yourself in hand.

11. No alcohol. Alcoholic beverages – this is what will need to be abandoned. When a person drinks, he eats a lot. But this should not be allowed. In addition, alcohol drinks kill a person from the inside.

12. Walking. After a lavish feast, do not sit in one place. Dress warmly, and go for a walk – now it’s XG-55 Suomi virallisilla verkkosivuilla time to spend calories. Active lifestyle is an excellent prevention of fat accumulation.

13. Green tea. Before going to bed, drink a cup of green tea. With it, you can improve metabolism. And this is another guarantee that all extra calories will be mercilessly burned.


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