Life to 100 Years

Every person wants to live happily ever after. Nobody wants to be ill.

However, in modern realities the average length of men and women has greatly decreased. Unfortunately, the fault is the man himself.

So, what should you do to make life last at least 100 years?

1. Sport. Go in for sports from childhood. Movement is exactly what people lack. The more a person moves, the better for his overall condition.
2. Analyzes. Take the tests regularly. Everyone should know their cholesterol score. If it is elevated, then it is necessary to take measures, otherwise in the future there can be problems with the heart.
3. Nutrition. Proper nutrition is a guarantee of good health. You need to eat foods that are cooked in the right way (baked in the oven, a couple). At the same time, it is best to refuse from mayonnaise and ketchup in the factory version.
4. Sleep. Sleep is important for an adult and a child. Try to always get enough sleep to feel vigor and energy.

Live happily ever after!

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