List of Medicines for the Ride

Everyone, going on vacation, should think about the list of drugs that need to take with you on the go. It is particularly important to consider this issue when the child goes with you.

So what drugs need to take with you.

1. Antipyretic. In his first-aid kit is always necessary to have a drug that will reduce elevated body temperature.
2. Antiseptics. If abrasion or cuts always come to the aid antiseptic.
3. Ambulance means. If cuts need to always wrap your finger, so buy a sterile bandage for first aid kits.
4. Remedy for burns. On the beach, no one is safe from sunburn. To facilitate the state of a person, you need to purchase a vehicle, in which the composition has panthenol.
5. The means of motion sickness. If a long journey, you bring a remedy for motion sickness. Especially if you know that the route will begin on the mountain road.

As you can see, we do not provide the name of the drug, but only the group. Assemble a first aid kit for the journey you will be able to pharmacist in a pharmacy.

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