List of Useful Products

Everyone knows that the guarantee of good health is useful products. However, now they are less popular. Always want to eat something more harmful (crisps, crunches).

But we must not forget about proper nutrition. If you can not always adhere to it, then at least from time to time, you need to eat the right foods.

So, which products are the most useful? What is the conclusion of scientists from the United States?

1. Tomatoes. Red tomatoes contain antioxidants. Now they are appreciated all over the world, because they are able to remove free radicals from the body. This is the main prevention of cancer.
2. Pepper. Pepper contains vitamin C. It is the absolute leader in its content. It has more vitamin C than lemon.
3. Berries. Berries contain many useful minerals and vitamins for the body. Include more cranberries and blackberries in the diet.
4. Nuts. Nuts contain fatty oils, which have a positive effect on brain function.
5. Spinach. In spinach, there is a lot of folic acid. It should be eaten by everyone, but especially by young women.

Do not be ill!

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