Long Hair and Care for Them

Every woman wants to have long and beautiful hair. That’s very beautiful. But do not forget that long hair requires twice more care than the hair of medium length. But, if you are not afraid of difficulties, then let’s understand how to properly care for long hair.

1. Shampoo. Pick up the correct shampoo. This means that you need to clearly define the type of hair. This will never apply it directly on the hair. It is much more economical and better for the hair to dilute it with water, and then applied to the hair.
2. Combing. Combing the hair as possible, when they are completely dry. Brushing should be started from the ends of hair.
3. Before going to bed. When going to sleep, it is best to braid hair. This will prevent the hair from pulling in a dream.
4. Mowing. Do not forget to regularly trim the ends. So haircut will have a beautiful shape and visited the tips will not.
5. Nutrition. Do not forget that in addition to external care, you need to eat well. If you follow these rules, then the hair will always long.

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