Long Hair Grow Easy

Long hair – as women want it. But not everyone can easily achieve their goal. At present, dyeing hair, drying them with a hair dryer, leads to the fact that the hair grows very slowly. If the hair should on average grow from 1 to 1.5 centimeters, then our contemporaries such indicators are not even close.

The problem is acute, so let’s see how it can be solved?

It is very important that hair begin to grow faster, apply masks. It is only important to choose their composition correctly. Immediately I want to note that their preparation will need to be done independently.

1. Tincture of capsicum. It is necessary to mix tincture of pepper and butter in equal proportions. The course of treatment is long. After applying one mask, the effect will not be. If you do not intend to approach the issue seriously, then you should not start.
2. Mustard powder. With the help of dry mustard, you can also achieve accelerated hair growth. It must be used in combination with kefir.

Lovely women, all the recipes of masks are aimed at irritating the code of the head and strengthening the flow of blood to it. Be beautiful!

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