Longevity is a gift, not a burden

Wishing for long life is one of the most common friendly partings, which we voice as congratulatory speeches and toasts.

Indeed, whoever of us does not want to live longer to be able to enjoy communication with his family and friends, see how grandchildren and great-grandchildren are growing and feel part of a large and friendly family. But as they say disappointing statistics, long-livers do not always have the opportunity to enjoy life, as the clarity of the mind in adulthood is significantly reduced, and sometimes completely absent. There is a huge number of so-called senile diseases that form dementia, and the inability to continue to live a full life. As a rule, such people rarely realize themselves as a person, do not have memories and do not recognize their loved ones.

Age changes in brain activity can completely erase all events that have occurred in a person’s life, leaving him no opportunity to feel at least some echoes of happiness or nostalgia.

As a result, a person becomes a burden to themselves and their loved ones. A sad picture, but it is very common. The young generation seldom thinks about what their life will be like, when the age barrier goes to the final mark and especially does not want to try to prevent possible mental changes today. Experts say that this mistake is considered fatal, because later it will be too late to do something. Young years – this is the time when you can affect your mental well-being in old age. Take care that the old age was in a sober mind and with the ability to think it is necessary to begin as early as possible, without delaying it to the elderly age.

Interrelation of heart problems with senile dementia

Scientists who are actively studying neurophysiology have come to the conclusion that there is a strong connection between the state of the cardiovascular system and the clarity of the mind in old age. If a person regularly faced with heart and circulatory system diseases, then most likely, the problems associated with loss of thinking will arise in his advanced age.

According to the sociological analysis, in which several hundred elderly volunteers made the decision, it became obvious that the relationship is present. If a person during his life regularly had problems that are solved by a cardiologist, then with age, brain cells die faster and consequently, the older a person becomes, the worse things are with his brain activity. And vice versa – the uninterrupted operation of the cardiovascular system is the probability of a clear mind, no matter how old the person is.

How to keep mental activity and not lose the ability to think

At the end of a large-scale study, which was conducted by researchers, experts identified several rules that will help prevent loss of mind. If you start with the early years of life, you can exclude such a risk. Therefore, experts recommend neutralizing risk factors and monitoring their health. It is customary to identify seven main causes that adversely affect brain activity. Therefore, to adjust your life, and then with a high degree of probability, if fate is destined to live for many years, they will be lived in clarity of mind.

1) A sedentary lifestyle. This factor negatively affects the general condition of the body. In the absence of physical activity, the physical form, immune system, and all vital organs suffer. Therefore, the addition of activity is the first step to wakefulness.
2) Control of blood pressure. It is necessary to accustom yourself from a young age to measure this indicator and to identify factors that affect the instability of pressure.
3) Keep the level of cholesterol in the normal state. It has long been known that this substance is detrimental to the cardiovascular system.
4) Keep yourself in shape and prevent the accumulation of excess fat in the body.
5) Refusal from harmful nutrition and leaning on useful food.
6) Taboo on alcohol.
7) Getting rid of the bad habit of smoking.

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