Lose Weight in 5 Days

281120168Every woman wants to have a wasp waist and did not face the problem of excess weight. But things do not always go as you want.

Today, many women are active in the fight against excess weight. I must say that not everything is successful.

But never give up and do not need to despair. So, how can you lose weight in just 5 days?

1. Breakfast. Morning must begin with a buffet breakfast. Its diet should include cottage cheese or eggs. For dinner you can eat a piece of lean fish with vegetables. Vegetables and fruits can be eaten in unlimited quantities, because they contain a lot of fiber.
2. Break. The break between dinner and lunch should be 12 hours. This is the perfect time, so that the body could all carefully processed.
3. Sport. Do not neglect sports training. Sign up for a fitness or swimming. The best way to engage with the group.
4. Sleep. Very restful sleep is important. Go to bed and wake up at the same time.
5. Walking. As if it was not laziness, but a walk before going to bed are required.

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