Losing Weight after the Holidays

After the holidays, which was a lot of food, people gain weight. Although, all promise to control myself. Alas, this is not happening.

But when a person understands that he did not quite correctly, decided to bring in the form of spreading. So, how to become leaner after the holidays.

1. Greens. Include in your diet more greens (cucumber, rukolla). These products must always be on your desk.
2. Protein. As for the protein source, it is best to eat lean meat, lean fish, milk, yogurt.
3. Aggressive products. White bread, spicy foods, beans – these are the products of consumption are best abandoned.
4. Water. Drink a normal amount of water. The body should not experience dehydration.
5. Rest. Do what you like: go for a walk, sleeps 8 hours a night. Do not ignore naps.
6. Breath. Learn how to breathe properly, that all bodies received in the normal amount of oxygen.
7. Charging. Do not give up on a light workout in the morning. This will help keep the body in good shape.

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