Loss of Hair

Loss of hair – such a problem faced by every woman. The reasons for this may be plenty. Sometimes it can be solved with the help of cosmetics, and sometimes – a fault signal in the body and need to see a doctor.

So, why is the hair beginning to fall out?

1. Poor immunity. Most often, women are faced with such a problem during pregnancy or breast-feeding, because the body is exhausted.
2. Lack of iron. This is an important trace element iron should be present in sufficient quantities in the body.
3. Reception of tablets. If the person is taking any medications that as a side effect may be hair loss.
4. Hormones. If hormones do not work correctly, it is best to pass the tests and go to the hospital. Most often it manifests itself in the form of irregular menstruation, lethargy, fatigue and sleepiness.
5. Lack of vitamins. If a person does not eat, then his body receives an insufficient amount of vitamins. It can also cause hair loss. Naladte diet, and everything goes.

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