LOT Launches Flights from Russia to Warsaw?

On October 17 we own the data that returns the airline LOT flights from Warsaw to Kaliningrad with the first quarter of 2017 the future. Pauline Degtyareva, a representative of the carrier, said that the information on the right can be considered for the excellent news. Pauline noted that the return was not easy, but a welcome, welcome.

As it became known that the winter of this year, the new schedule data, quantity, value flights are available free.

However, this stop does not occur, of LOT reports on the prospects of increasing the number of flights not only, but also the direction of Russia. Indeed, the company can guarantee complete safety of this process: it has already successfully cooperates with 70 cities around the world. A variant of the new directions of flights could be the city of Gdansk, despite the fact that it is possible for ground movement, because the distance that can be overcome in a few hours, only some 166 kilometers.

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