Love and Health

Everyone should fall in love for once in his life. The thing is that the state of love gives a person a lot of positive emotions. Sometimes, it seems that just wings grow. Undoubtedly, all this happens under the influence of hormones. But these are indescribable and unforgettable feelings.

There is quite a fair question – how does a feeling of love affect the state of health?

If we talk about the state of the immune system, then it affects only positively. Mutual sympathy strengthens immunity better than any medications.

If you believe scientists from US, they argue that love acts on the brain, as a drug.

Romantic means help a person get rid of stress. At the same time, blood pressure is markedly reduced. And this is very important for the elderly.

Touching lovers gives them great pleasure. At such moments, the couple feels joy, happiness.

In the end, everyone wants to wish strong and mutual love. Love is an amazing feeling. Let every person experience it.

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