Low Calorie Foods

Every woman wants to be special. No doubt everyone wants to please the opposite sex. Currently, men prefer thin and slender girls. In this regard, his wife’s overweight try to lose weight.

So what are low-calorie foods to include in your diet to not gain weight?

1. Oranges. As is known citrus fruits contain a minimum of calories. But they help burn fat.
2. Cabbage. If you decide to lose weight, the first thing that should be included in your diet, as it sprouts. In addition, useful properties, it is still providing prevention of cardiovascular pathologies.
3. Beet. Beet excellent product that you can eat during a diet. Do not forget that the vegetable has a positive effect on the skin.
4. Cucumber. Cucumbers need to eat all year round. This is a real storehouse of vitamins and, at the same time, a minimum of calories.
5. Onions. With a bow, you can lose a few kilos. Add it in the preparation of various dishes. Recall vegetable copes with viral infections and strengthens the immune system.

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