Make-up who does not Like Men

Every woman with makeup is trying to draw attention to their merits (lush lips, long eyelashes, hair extensions and nails). It is difficult to find a woman who can afford to go out not made up. Undoubtedly, women all do it to attract the attention of men. Who does not want to love ?!

As if there was not, many men do not like make-up, which impose themselves women. So, from what is not happy, our dear man?

1. Lips. Men do not like women’s lips dyed too bright. A more subtle shades look more gently.
2. Eyes. Eye makeup should look the most natural. However, many women do not adhere to this rule. Too bright arrows repel men.
3. Hair. Long hair has always liked men. And here too curvy hairstyle or hair color bright repellent representatives of a strong half of mankind.

Lovely woman, consider all the mistakes and do it right. We must realize that nothing is more beautiful than natural beauty.

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