Makeup for Brown Eyes

Everyone has their eye color. Eye color is determined by the nature, and you can not select it. Yes, now you can use colored lenses to change their color.

In addition, as noted, the men, most of all they like brown-eyed woman. In this view it is impossible not to fall in love.

But today, we’ll talk about something else. What makeup is suitable for women with brown eyes?

1. Basis. Before you begin make-up eye, around the eyelids must be applied tonal foundation. So makeup will be better to hold on.
2. Shadows. For women with brown eyes use the following color shades: purple, brown, silver and gold.
3. Arrows. If you decide to draw the arrow, it is best to choose this pencil black.
4. Mascara. Mascara should also be dark in color. Eyelashes have to make up so that none could see the volume.
5. Lip Gloss. Lips is best to cover the barely noticeable luster.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult when applying makeup. In this case, it is important to know what colors suit you, and what is not.

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