Makeup for Glasses

091220163At present, more and more you can meet people who wear glasses. This is due to the fact that people just do not give your eyes a rest. TV, computer, phone – the person spends little time on the street, but a lot of time near the modern electronic devices.

But what if there was not, women make-up has not been canceled. A woman should always be beautiful and attractive. So, how to make up your eyes, if you wear glasses?

1. Myopia. If you have myopia, the eye visually need to do more. This can be achieved by using bright shades. Only with the help of light shades can visually enlarge the eyes.
2. Far-sightedness. In hyperopia need to visually do more distance between the eyes. This can be simply achieved. It is important to cover the inner corner of eye shadows is white. The eyelid can be identified black pencil.

Finally, do not forget to make up lashes mascara in black. This will be the perfect completion of any makeup. Correctly say: “Eyes – the mirror of the soul.”

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