Makeup of Oriental Women

081220165Every woman wants to charm a man. Probably, this is one of the meanings of all human existence. Every woman wants to be loved, and for this it is necessary that only a man.

Women know a lot of tricks in seducing men. One of them – it’s right to choose makeup.

Only here you need to say at once that in all countries of the world have very different make-up.

So, how are painted oriental beauties?

1. Shadows. For make-up they use matte or pearly shade. Most often, oriental women applied to the eye shadows of different colors. This adds a more luxurious make-up appearance.
2. Blush. Oriental women do not use blush bright colors. They must be perfectly matched the color of the sun.
3. Eyebrows. Eyebrow line should ideally be highlighted. To do this, use a black pencil.
4. Lips. Oriental women are always clearly distinguish the eyes, so the lips often cause a faint lipstick or lip gloss.

Finally I want to say that makeup should always be carefully selected so as not to look ridiculous.

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