Malnutrition in Winter

In winter, the body is exposed to stress this, because the street is very cold. During this period you need to pay due attention to their nutrition. But not all people adhere to the very principles of proper nutrition.

So, what mistakes people make when feeding in the winter?

1. Flour dishes and semi-finished products. In the winter, people prefer flour and semi-dishes (dumplings, dumplings). This is wrong, because there is a glut of carbohydrates and as a result, a set of extra weight.
2. Cooked vegetables. In winter, people minimize the consumption of fresh greens. Most people eat boiled vegetables. In connection with this spring body is deficient vitamins.
3. Pickled vegetables. People summer actively canned vegetables and fruits, and in winter even more active and eat. But it is worth to note that canned vegetables contain a lot of salt composition, canned fruits and vitamins minimum.

All the above habits lead to the fact that the organism is not protective strength to resist infections. Eat properly and stay healthy!

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