Martial Arts for Women – Self-defense or a form of fitness?

In order to feel as much as possible the strength of the spirit and your own abilities to resist this world, sometimes even such fragile beings as a woman, it is enough just to find a one-on-one soul.

It turns out that devoting his life to a completely non-feminine cause, almost every woman is able to achieve an excellent result. It depends on how much and quickly you can enter the track of this sport and accustom yourself to self-discipline and perseverance. Only thanks to them, your fighting skills will exceed simply the ability to stand up for themselves in a fight. Many women are sure that it is the prerogative of men to wrestle, because from this sport they cease to be refined and tender. Although in fact, the ability to control your body and mind, as it is done by wrestlers, exceeds by several times the grace and elegance of dancers and athletes. After all, only in the fight you have to concentrate all your attention and thoughts on how to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible, using all the possibilities of your body.

What kind of single combat should I choose?

If you have not yet decided what exactly to give your preferences, but at the same time, strive to know how you can protect yourself, it is worthwhile to study the influence of different types of martial arts and women’s health, including psychological one, in advance. So, where to start?

1) Wushu/Kung Fu. This is a kind of single combat perfectly suited to all who have a balanced nature, as well as a lack of desire to take revenge on someone and throw out all the anger in training. After all, in most exercises there is a deep concentration and the ability to own one’s body. The gym is aimed at a uniform load for the whole body, which allows you to get an incredibly sporty and sexy figure, which will be an excellent incentive to continue training. Rapid movements are less common, but they force the student to show what his mind is capable of controlling the whole body at the same time.
2) Aikido. The most significant feature of this kind of martial arts is the ability to defend, not attack. All movements are smooth and beautiful, after all, in order to use the enemy’s energy against him, one must try to make sure that he does not have time to strike. This kind of sport is most often suitable for girls of short stature who know how to concentrate better than others on the simultaneous operation of all parts of their body. Aikido does not teach a person to fight, but only to defend himself beautifully, in time to escape from the blow.
3) Jiu-Jitsu. This type of martial arts is suitable for women of medium height, who at the same time have a broad physique. Since it can not be called smooth, the definition of “aggressive” approaches just right. Jiu-jitsu is the ancestor of such types of wrestling as judo, sambo, karate and aikido. After all, it is here that you can learn how to deal properly with punches, defend yourself and at the same time, do not leave a single chance to your opponents in order to win.

Conclusions about what women should do and what not

It turns out that most professional trainers around the world are sure that martial arts for women should be presented only as an opportunity to keep their figure in order, but in no case, nor as a variant of self-defense. After all, according to all the rules and laws of nature, a woman is weaker than a man physically, which means that she must be the keeper of the home and a strong support for her husband, who in turn must protect her from all adversity and get food.

Therefore, turning your attention to martial arts, you should not turn into the likeness of men, because from that no other woman has won, but to use these physical loads as concentration and ability to behave in the hands, can always come in handy.

After all, in the modern world to be fragile and defenseless, it means to surrender independently to the tearing away of more clever and strong predators for success, wealth and good men. The main thing is to be able to always navigate the situation in time and not allow yourself to succumb to emotions, which is what everyone teaches all about one unity.